Be prepared – how to get ready to Rumble in the Jungle

Important Actions

  1. Get the applications in on time! The participants’ gear will be ordered in April/May 2016 if you don’t have your applications in, you and your Cub Scouts may miss out!
  2. Get your older Cub Scouts working in sixes, one of the tasks when the Cub Scouts arrive will be to put up the tent as part of the Six sleeping there – with you and other Leaders helping.
  3. Special diets and allergies will require Drs Certificate authentication so make sure our parents provide them.
  4. Work with other Packs within your District/Region that you know will be going to start to a network for your Pack
  5. Keep checking this website regularly for updates and merchandise sales will be available soon

Other Important Information

The Cuboree will use the Patrol System in the following ways:

  • Cub Scouts will be kept together with their home Packs but will also have one, two or maybe even three different Packs in their Cuboree Pack.
  • Leaders that stay with their Cub Scouts in the Pack lines will become part of that Cuboree Pack and whilst you may be a Pack Leader in your home Pack you may be an Assistant Cuboree Pack Leader at Cuboree.
  • Cuboree Pack Leaders will be personally invited dependant on their skills, experiences and knowledge base to become a Cuboree Pack Leader by the Cuboree Chief Director, in consultation with the Region representative.
  • Cuboree Pack Leaders will be managed by Cuboree Camping Director and Sub Camp (Village) Leaders
  • Activity and Service Leaders (those not camping with the Cub Scouts) will also be managed by a Sub Camp (Village) Leader as well as their Team Leader specific to their role.