Cub Scout Leaders and parents

Special Diets

All ‘Special Diet’ requirements will be individually considered and assessed by the Caterer (a professional caterer) prior to Cuboree and appropriately managed by the Catering team during the event.   Should the Special Diet require the provision of ‘special’ ingredients, items, etc and/or special additional production effort, the caterer is likely invoice an additional $50.00 (one off) for that individual’s (Adult or Youth) Special Diet for Cuboree. Please provide appropriate details in the application; Special Diet requirements that are not made known to the Cuboree Team (Caterer) via the application, but ‘surface’ once at Cuboree will also be subject to the additional $50.00 charge.


The fee for Cuboree 2016 includes *transport to and from Cuboree as this is designed to be part of the Cuboree Award and its activities.
* Transport is provided to and from Cuboree from a catchment area of approximately four hours drive – members outside this catchment area will be required to find their own transport (at their own cost) to the closest pick up area within the four hour catchment area

NO Visitors Day

Unlike previous Cuborees, there will be NO ‘Visitors’ Day’ at CUBOREE 2016 and no opportunity for parents/guardians/family/etc to visit CUBOREE 2016 and ‘catch-up’ with their respective Cub Scout/s. This has resulted from experience and the overwhelming request of past Cuboree Pack, Sub-camp and Welfare leaders; the visits significantly contribute to unnecessarily ‘unsettling’ not only the Cub Scout visited but other Cub Scouts who did not have someone visit them.