How much does it cost to go to Cuboree?

Cost and Payment

The cost to attend CUBOREE 2016 and the ‘staged’ payment plan, if desired, are as follows:

Fee 2016 Initial Payment

1st Nov 2015

2nd Payment

1 Mar 2016

Final Payment

1 Jun 2016

Cub Scouts $580.00 $200.00 $200.00 $180.00
Others $525.00 $200.00 $200.00 $125.00

The fee for Cuboree 2016 includes *transport to and from Cuboree as this is designed to be part of the Cuboree Award and its activities.

* Transport is provided to and from Cuboree from a catchment area of approximately four hours drive – members outside this catchment area will be required to find their own transport (at their own cost) to the closest pick up area within the four hour catchment area

How do I pay?

Payments can made securely online (this method is highly encouraged as it will make life easier for all to track, receipt, etc), via the ‘Status’ page of the online application once it has been submitted online.   It is acknowledged that some Packs will group applications and pay by a Group Cheque.

Visit the Application Management System to apply!

But you will need the following information:

  • Scouts Qld membership number
  • Blue Card details for adults
  • contact details (including medical and emergency numbers)
  • medicare, health care card, private medical insurance
  • photo click here for important details about the type of photo required
  • shirt and hat sizing

Visit the Applications FAQ for more information and support or email