Cuboree 2016 Withdrawal Policy

If after making an application and you are unable to attend Cuboree 2016, you must advise the Cuboree Administration Officer in writing as soon as possible.

  • ALL withdrawals will be subject to a withdrawal free of $100
  • Withdrawals after March 2016 may be charged the full fee of the Cuboree 2016

Any changes after 1 June 2016 (e.g. to transport arrangements) will be subject to an extra charge.
Withdrawal requests should be directed to the Cuboree Administration Officer and sent to The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch Inc marked Attention Cuboree 2016, PO BOX 520 Toowong Q 4066.  A refund for the appropriate amount, if applicable, will then be forwarded to the relevant person.

The Cuboree Executive reserves the right to refuse any application, in which case a full refund will be made.