What to wear to Cuboree

Remember that the Cuboree t-shirt, scarf and hat are what you need to wear to come to and from Cuboree. This will also be worn on the offsite activity.

Obviously those travelling longer distances than four hours need to check with their Leaders about what they need to wear on those longer distance trips.

There is no need for your Cub Scout uniform or Qld scarf to come to come to Cuboree.

In your back pack you take on the coach – make sure you have things like a jacket, water bottle and depending on the time you are on the bus maybe some snacks. Think about anything you may need during that time of the day and make sure it is on you.

Each coach has a Cuboree Coach Leader – (one of the Leaders/Adults travelling with you to Cuboree that have kindly agreed to take on the extra task. Please listen to them and respect what they have to say – they have your safety as a priority.