Are we there yet?

Cuboree is a big camp, longer than a normal Pack Holiday – in the lead up there are many things that you can support your Cub Scout and your Leaders to be ready for the adventure.

  • Encourage your Cub Scout to be as active in their Scouting activities as possible, go on as many Camps, Pack Holidays, Sleepovers and other activites
  • Complete your Silver Boomerang in plenty of time for Cuboree
  • Encourage your Cub Scout to be as responsible for their own items whether that’s at school, home or Cub Scouts
  • Support your Leaders by providing as much information about your youth as possible
  • Encourage your Cub Scout to try eating food groups that may differ, camp food is designed to sustain the youth over the length of the camp – sometimes the biggest hurdle is that our Cub Scouts won’t eat things “because Mum and Dad said I dont have to if I don’t want to” – it is surprising what our youth do try away from the regular family meals – obviously special diets and allergies are catered
  • Remind Cub Scouts that we all get home sick at times, especially when we get tired and out of routine and it’s OK to feel these feelings but it does pass and remind them of all the exciting news you will have to share when they get back home

Leaders and Youth Members will and do get tired on these types of camps, let’s face it sharing tents with others, no sleep-ins, organised activities throughout the day challenging us and sharing the bathrooms can provide some added stresses.

However the Cub Scouts and Leaders that have attended previous Cuborees have grown and developed beyond anyone’s belief, they return home as different members of Scouting – more resilient, capable and confident. It puts the Youth Members way ahead of many of their school friends and the grown ups learn more about themselves and others as well.

So if you are driving north along the Bruce Hwy, nearing the Maryborough turn off, and you catch a glimpse of the Cuboree 2016 Billboard remind yourselves ‘Are we there yet!’.

Because September 2016 will be here before you know it!