2nd Instalment Countdown

Good Morning,
just a reminder that the due date for the 2nd Instalment is the 15th of March. While registrations are not yet closed we will have to look at finalising numbers for transport and promotional packs shortly after the second instalment.
You can register for Cuboree at: https://cuboree.scoutsqld.com.au/applications/ and use the same link to log in and make your second payment.For further information email: info.cuboree@scoutsqld.com.au
In case you need a little convincing as to whether Cuboree is for your child or you this is the feedback from a Cub Scout Pack about the 2016 Cuboree:
Hi Tim,
With Cuboree now over and hopefully all unpacked I thought it time I emailed and said a big thank you. To your team also, a job well done so please pass on my thanks.
Our Cubs from Edge Hill had a fantastic time and are still talking about Cuboree and busy telling the next Cuboree participants about what to expect. I must say I was so proud of our kids – they certainly did Edge Hill proud. I had my 14 with the 6 very young ones and a boy with autism and they just sailed through it all. As a Pack we had done a lot of work ahead of time to prepare and make it easier for all.
Thank you so much to Cuboree for financing our bus trip – we were not expecting this. Our families wish to let you know how much this was appreciated. We had a fantastic trip down and back this time with our bus drivers being great – interacting with the cubs. They were doing 4 hour shifts of driving and sleeping. We felt perfectly safe and could sit back and relax. The kids slept great on the way home whilst the Leaders relaxed and talked, not much sleep happening unfortunately.
So Tim once again Congratulations to you and your Team.
Looking forward to Cuboree 2018.
Good Hunting,
<Name removed for privacy>
Cub Scout Leader
Waingunga Cubs – Edge Hill