Special Diets

All ‘Special Diet’ requirements will be individually considered and assessed by the Caterer (a professional caterer) prior to Cuboree and appropriately managed by the Catering team during the event.

The caterer will make contact to discuss requirements in the lead up to Cuboree.  There are two levels of special diets that are applicable.  The additional once off per Cuboree (duration of the camp) costs and levels are:

  • Level 1: Minimal requirements for a special diet (e.g. possibly Soy Milk only at Breakfast) and may be charged at $20; and
  • Level 2: Full dietary adjustments are required and will cost $50.00

Please provide appropriate details in the application; Special Diet requirements that are not made known to the Cuboree Team (Caterer) via the application will NOT be catered for.