Cuboree is the biggest and most exciting event that a Cub Scout can go on. It’s a Queensland event open to all Cub Scouts that are nine or older across the state and often attracts attendance from other states. The camp runs for six days and five nights and is action packed with activities from sun up until after sun down.

It’s a great adventure for Cub Scouts and they go through the journey of personal growth whilst learning to be responsible for themselves, with the support of the trained Leaders.

Cuboree is a big event, often attracting around 1000 attendees. It’s held at Rocky Creek Scout Grounds, Landsborough just north of the Glasshouse Mountains, which was chosen for its facilities, size and security. The location is a fenced campsite with 24 hour security to ensure the welfare of all attendees.


The event is jam-packed with activities and Cub Scouts will be kept busy from sunrise to sunset and evening activities. Which may sound exhausting, but it ensures that even the worst sleeper gets a good night sleep.

Everything at Cuboree is based around the central theme and the activities are no exception. Each day the Cub Scouts will head to a different set of bases where experienced activity leaders will take them through a series of activities.

We engage professional caterers to feed the masses to ensure everyone gets well fed. It’s quite an operation to get everyone fed and the kitchen operates non-stop all day. We cater for special diets, please check out our special diets page for more information.


We have a very well developed welfare team that is onsite to assist with everything from first aid to home-sickness and everything in between.

There is an onsite paramedic crew with their own dedicated space to deal with anything that can’t be handled in the villages, welfare leaders are very experienced in dealing with homesickness, tiredness and over excited Cub Scouts.

Some Cub Scouts can still wet the bed, rest assured our welfare leaders are very experienced in subtly dealing with the wet items in an appropriate manner and the providing comforting support for the Cub Scout.

Medications are handled at a village level where dedicated welfare leaders maintain all medications for safe keeping and issue them at the times stated on the cub scout’s application and the label on the medication. We ask for your cooperation in keeping us up-to-date with any medical information.


Cub Scouts will be camping in sub-camps or ‘Villages’. Due to the sheer size of the event we divide the camp into four smaller sub-camps where there will be dedicated teams of leaders taking care of their camping needs.

These Villages are usually made of around seven Cuboree Packs, each Cuboree pack has around 24 Cub Scouts in it with four Leaders.

The Cub Scouts will arrive onsite on the first day and be directed to their Village and introduced to the rest of their Cuboree pack. They will all work together to set up their tents and their campsite.

Travel details will be here soon.


Cuboree in 2021 costs:

Cub Scouts: $560
Leaders and Youth Helpers: $450

To try and make this a bit easier for families we will split the payment into three smaller amounts of $200, $200 and $160. Please see the eligibility and costs page for more information.

We understand that this is still a lot of money and for some families this is very difficult to meet, so if that is the case we encourage you to contact us to come up with a payment plan. The earlier you get in contact, the easier your payments will be.

It is important to note that until we have received your first payment as a deposit, your application will still be considered pending.


Cuboree is a major event and although it is the most exciting adventure a Cub Scout can have, unfortunately it is not for everyone.

We have set the minimum age for Cub Scouts as nine as we feel it might be a bit much for newer Cub Scout with less experience.

We don’t want this to be the first time a Cub Scout has ever slept in a tent, we encourage you to take every opportunity you can to get your Cub Scout accustomed to sleeping out, learning to use their sleeping bag or camp bed and packing their own bags. Cub Scouts need to understand how to find their items and packing their bag back up again. There will be plenty of leaders to help, but the more prepared a Cub Scout is, the easier the event will be for them and the more fun they will have.

We, as leaders and parents, are passionate about what Cuboree can do for our youth. We have seen incredible stories of resilience, growth and courage from Cub Scouts at Cuboree’s in years gone by.

There is an incredible team of volunteers putting in a huge amount of work for this because they believe in it.

We really hope your Cub Scout will join us in 2021!