We hope these answers to the frequently asked questions from parents and Leaders in the lead up to Cuboree may assist you.  Please check back regularly as we will update these FAQs as more come to light.

What if I have fully paid the 2020 price?

Cuboree Finance will organize a refund of the balance between the 2020 price and 2021 price, if you wish to still attend. Contact our finance officer finance@cuboree.scoutsqld.com.au

What if I have filled in an application for Cuboree 2020?

The application is still in the system BUT, you will need to log back in and check all information is correct and then reprint the signature forms and get them resigned as they will be invalid due to the dates on the paperwork.
Please see also Applications, Costs and Eligibility, Withdrawal Policy

My child will miss out because of their age but would have been eligible last year?

We have put in place a once off option for Scubs (Scouts who would have gone as Cubs last year).
This option is not a replacement for AJ2022 (Australian Scout Jamboree) and if your Scout is really into the Scout section and interested in going to Jamboree, then Cuboree is not for them.

Although we have the Scub option these youth that attend to participate will be working in Units of Cub Scouts. All activities are aimed at Cub Scouts, so please consider this before putting in your application.

When applying as a Scub please enter that you are a Scout and we will sort this out from the age but cost will be the same as for Cubs. See Costs and Eligibility page for more details

Why has the cost & location changed?

The changes have been made due to an extensive Risk Analysis and COVID review and thus making the original plan, site and cost no longer viable.
Cuboree is still about the adventure, experience and memories that last a lifetime, not the location.

What payment options do I have?

Scouts Queensland’s Application Management System provides payment via the online system once your application has been submitted. This process provides an immediate receipt and does not require manual handling.

Many Groups decide to pay via a Group Cheque – please provide a list that includes the person’s name, Scouts Queensland Membership number and the amount allocated to that person. 

Please contact the Cuboree finance officer on  finance@cuboree.scoutsqld.com.au for other payment options.

Can I get a hardcopy of the application rather than fill it out online?

Cuboree is utilising the online application process as it is the most effective and efficient processing system for such a large event. It is the only way to apply to attend Cuborees.

If you have a cub scout family that is not able to apply online due to lack of computer access or knowledge, we suggest discussing with the cub scout/group leader to see how they may be able to assist. Many libraries provide free access to computers as well.

Does the applicant have to have completed the eligibility before applying for Cuboree?

No, the eligibility needs to be met by the time of Cuboree. Most of the year prior to Cuboree many cub scouts will be working towards these requirements with the support of their leaders.

Remember though if you haven’t put the effort in then you will NOT Be Prepared and the camp will not be as enjoyable as you would expect.

Can my Cub Scout attend if their leader isn’t attending?

Yes. Being volunteers not all leaders are able to attend. Each year many packs send youth members without a leader from their own pack. These youth members are generally paired up with a ‘sponsor’ pack, which they will be introduced to prior to the event, so that they know the leaders and other youth members.

Often there are also other familiar faces with leaders and youth from neighbouring packs attending.

What happens if my child’s medical/personal information changes after submitting the application?

A positive aspect of the online application system is that you can log back in up until the event itself and update details.

What happens if my child gets sick?

Each pack and sub camp have a first aid and welfare officer for first response. A Cuboree welfare team, which includes a medical professional are available if required. 

The Cuboree Chief Director will contact parents if needed.

What meals are provided for camp participants?

A registered catering company is employed to ensure a balanced diet is offered over the six (6) days.  Approximately 1,000 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks are served in rotation throughout each Village each day. 

Fruit is served at least twice daily. 

People requiring specialised menus due to diagnosed medical/dietary/religious requirements can specify in the application.  Note: an extra fee may be applicable to cover extra catering costs.

My child needs extra support.  How will this be managed?

The best way to ensure your child will be able to access the camp in the best means is to advise what support they usually have.  Camp organisers may then contact you for further information to ensure individual needs are considered.  It may require the attendance of a support person just for your child.

What if I need to contact my child during the event?

A contact number will be advised during the event that can be used to get a message through or contact your child in the event of an emergency.  With so many young people at the event it is not possible to use this for anything besides emergencies.

What if I can’t make a payment by the due date?

Contact our finance officer finance@cuboree.scoutsqld.com.au to arrange a payment plan – do this sooner rather than later to ensure full payment is mapped out in time.

When will transportation arrangements be known?

Details will be advised after final numbers are determined closer to the event.

My online application is still sitting at the ‘submitted status? When will it be SHQ Approved?

Have you paid the initial deposit ?

Have you submitted the Agreement, Activities & Authority page with all the required signatures?

When applications are processed by the admin team, if all is in order, you will see the status change to SHQ Approved when you log back into your application, and select the “Status” option to the left hand side. 

If there is a query regarding any information in your application you will be contacted.

When will the Packing list and Parent Handbook be available?

These will be made available via the website and Facebook pages closer to the event.