Everyone at Cuboree will be sleeping in tents. You and your friends from your cub scout pack will be put into a bigger Cuboree pack and you will all camp together.

There are so many packs at Cuboree that we even have to divide them into bigger Villages, which each have around seven packs in them.

AND then, there are SO many cub scouts that we need to have four villages! When we get closer to Cuboree you will find out which Village and Pack you will be camping with.

Your pack could be made up from cub scouts from all over Queensland, so you might end up making friends with cub scouts from the Gold Coast, or Cairns, or Brisbane or Toowoomba… or anywhere else in this big state.

You might even want to ask your cub scout leader if you can bring an email address to give to your new friends so you can keep in touch after and maybe even a badge to swap.